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How a Person Gains Christ

August 2, 2020
Let’s practice three keys to be a growing Christian!

A True Friend

July 19, 2020

We have the divine Person to live out the divine Pattern with the divine Power!

I will lift up my eyes

June 28, 2020

Respect Women

May 10, 2020
Message in a Sentence: “God’s Word sets a standard to respect women which is antithetical to culture & to sin’s consequences.” OR “God says, ‘Respect women.’”

Identity Markers

May 3, 2020
Message in a Sentence: “Live out who I am and what I have as a Jesus follower.”
Elder Josh Andrews delivers a message about unity in the Church.
Guest Speaker Marie Brown delivers a message about different "One thing..." passages. 25 plus years in ministry in over 35 nations, Marie Brown Ministries has evolved through obedience into a…
Message in a Sentence: “God moves me from being an apparent victim to an actual victor!"